Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fan: 1.3m, Caramel Bamboo, Low Profile Mount: Black

SKU: S3127-S0-BC-02-02-C-01-N702
This stylish 1.5m caramel bamboo Haiku keeps you comfortable and saves energy year round. Integrated SenseME™ Technology automatically responds to presence, temperature and humidity, adjusting the fan's settings to your preferences, day or night. This model comes standard with a black low-profile mount, ideal for flat ceilings 2.4 to 2.6m.

Please Note: Haiku Moso bamboo models are rated for indoor use only.

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Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fan: 1.3m, Caramel Bamboo, Low Profile Mount: Black
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Haiku Fan Light Kit: Black

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Automatic Comfort
Each Haiku fan includes onboard SenseME™ Technology, specifically designed to save energy year round without sacrificing your comfort. SenseME's array of microprocessors detect changes in user presence, humidity and temperature, then respond by adjusting the fan's settings automatically.

Award-Winning Design
Haiku fans’ exceptional design and technological excellence have been honored with more than 75 awards from around the globe by organizations like Popular Science, CES, ENERGY STAR® and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Exceptional Efficiency
More efficient than ENERGY STAR standards, Haiku fans don't just deliver improved comfort -- they do it with unparalleled efficiency.

Versatile Controls
Haiku makes it easy to select your perfect comfort setting. Simply use the included remote to control the 10 distinct settings, including Whoosh® Mode, timer and Sleep Mode. You can also use the Haiku Home app to control your fan and automate its operation through SenseME.

Premium Materials
Haiku fans are made of top-quality materials for premium performance and aesthetics. This gorgeous caramel-coloured model with black motor and mount features aerofoils handcrafted from five layers of Moso bamboo — a sustainable resource with the tensile strength of steel.

Long-Lasting Silence
Haiku fans are tested in a state-of-the-art sound chamber to ensure silent operation at any speed. Each set of Haiku aerofoils are hand-balanced so that your fan won’t wobble or squeak, because Haiku fans are meant to be felt, not heard.

Additional Notes
The low-profile mount included with this model is suitable for flat ceilings between 2.4m-2.6m.

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SKU S3127-S0-BC-02-02-C-01-N702
Remote Control Included
Environment For indoor use only
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